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South Indian Breakfast/Dinner Recipes

          Idlis and dosas are the most common breakfast or dinner dish in most South Indian homes, a stock of idli or dosa batter is always there in the refrigerator. Apart from the plain idli and dosa, there are also ones made with millets and vegetables and then there are also other tiffin varieties like adais, upmas, khichidis and paniyarams too. I have made a collection of all of the South Indian Breakfast/Dinner dishes that I have posted in my blog, try them out and enjoy..

          Idlis are generally made with fermented batter, but I have made some instant idlis too where the batter need not be fermented. The idli batter should not be very smooth, it should have a slightly coarse texture and should be thicker, check out here for the basic idli/dosa batter..

Cracked Wheat And Spinach Idli Cucumber Idli, Taushe Idli, Cucumber Cakes Kambu Idli, Pearl Millet Idlis Soft And Fluffy Idlis

Varagu Arisi Idlis, Kodo Millet Idlis Thinai Idlis, Foxtail Millet Idlis Rava Idli, Semolina/Sooji Idlis Kuthiraivali Sorakkai Idli, Barnyard Bottle Gourd (Lauki) Idli

Yellow Pumpkin Idlis, Parangikkai Idlis

Dosas And Adais
          Before we start with the list of dosas and adais, let me tell you the difference between the two, dosas are thin and crispy or sometimes even thick and soft whereas adais are thick and crispy. Usually the batter used for making dosas is smoother and thinner than the batter used for making adais. Dosas can be made with both instant fresh batter or fermented batter, whereas mostly adais are made with fresh batter that's not fermented. Well there ends the difference and  you can still make dosas with adai batter by making the batter thin, now let's get to the collection..

Paruppu Dosai, Lentil Crepes Ragi Dosa, Finger Millet Crepes Carrot And Onion Dosa Soft And Spongy Set Dosas

Sorakkai Dosa, Bottle Gourd (Lauki) Dosa Thakkali Dosa, Tomato Dosa Thakkali Dosa, Tomato Dosa-2 Pusinikkai Dosa, Ash Gourd (Winter Melon) Dosa


Vazhaipoo Adai, Lentil Crepes With Banana Flower Paruppu Adai, Lentil Crepes Muttakos Adai, Cabbage Adai Dill Leaves Adai

Kambu Adai, Bajra (Pearl Millet) Adai

Upmas And Khichdis
          Upmas and Khichidis are generally made with wheat semolina/rava/sooji and vermicelli/semiya, but we can also make upmas with oats, aval/poha and millets too, here is the list of upmas and khichidis in my blog..

Idli Upma Pepper & Jeera Aval Upma Cauliflower And Capsicum Khichdi Cracked Wheat Tomato Bhath

Sabudana Khichdi Vermicelli Upma, Semiya Upma Puffed Rice Upma Oats Upma

Ragi Semiya Upma Beetroot Semiya Bagalabhath Corn Meal Upma Bread Upma

Aval Upma, Poha Upma Broken Wheat Vermicelli Upma, Godhumai Rava Semiya Upma Gujarati Khichdi Kothamalli Upma, Coriander Upma

Saamai (Little Millet) And Vegetable Upma Vegetable Rice Sevai (Rice Vermicelli,Noodles)

Savory Pongals
          Pongal is a rice and dal/lentil preparation, flavored with ghee and served with sambar and chutney, and of course we can replace the rice with more healthy options like millets and broken wheat.

Saamai Venn Pongal, Little Millet Pongal Cabbage Pongal, Cabbage Khichdi

          There are other tiffin dishes like appam and paniyarams that don't fall into the above categories.

Vella Puri Zucchini Paniyarams Oats And Gram Flour Pancakes Savory Toast

Kadmbuttu, Steamed Rice Balls Kothu Parotta Vendaya ( Methi )Paniyarams Upma Kozhukattai

Poha And Honey Dhoklas Bread Uthappam Ragi Mudde, Ragi Balls Appam

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