Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rose Lassi

          Today before going into the recipe, I want to share something with my fellow blogger friends. On Tuesday, I was not able to see my blog, an error message kept popping up, saying that the blog has been removed, I got really worried, very close to tears. After checking on google, I left a query in the google help forum, I didn't get any reply, but finally my blog appeared after nearly 15 hours. I was truly vexed during that time, from what I understood, there is an automated procedure which identifies blogs as spam blogs, and as with all systems, there is a chance of a false positive. I am sharing this here, because this could happen to any of you guys, in that case, don't lose heart, post your question in the google help forum, if it's a false alarm, everything will be back to normal within some time. If any of you out there has experienced something similar to this, do share it, so that we'll all know that we are not alone. 
          Now coming to today's dish, I shouldn't be really calling it so, it's so simple, technically it's just mixing and serving. After coming to India, the daughter and I have become big fans of rose milk, mainly because of the heat, I give her this when she comes back from school. The other day, I made it with curd instead of milk and we both loved it..
Need To Have
  • Curd - 1 + 1/2 cup
  • Rose Syrup - 8 teaspoons
  • Sugar - 1 teaspoon

          Refrigerate the curd before doing this. Take all the ingredients in a blender or mixie, pulse till frothy, take out in glasses and serve. If you want you can decorate with edible rose petals and also serve topped with some fresh cream ( the thick layer that forms on top of the milk, not the store bought one).

The rose syrup is available in Indian grocery stores.
The syrup contains sugar, but when you mix it with curd, since curd has a slight sourness, you need a little sugar, otherwise you can add more syrup, but then the flavor will become too much.
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  1. never tried curd for rose milk.. very interesting.. good to hear your blog is back.. have you taken a backup of your blog??

  2. Yummy Lassi looks so pleasant!!! Love the color that's my favorite color too :)

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  3. Love this rose lassi,soo girly..Pleasant to eyes, can guess how you would have felt, thank god.

  4. Happy that the error is corrected,Hema..Refreshing cool lassi!!

  5. ...Love good lassi; your has beautiful colour!

  6. Glad you got ur blog back.i would have been crying too if i got that error.Nice plseasant lassi!

  7. Yum, so refreshing, loved the baby pink color

  8. oh! glad you got your blog back n useful info for us... lassi looks cool...

  9. Glad that u got ur blog back....sterday me too tried this flavourful lassi for my daughter,totally she enjoyed it, colourful lassi looks wonderful!!


    Every Month always u back up ur blog post...Settings - Blog tools - Export Blog....Hope it will help u!!

  10. oh hema u know i was on my dashboard yday and i see who all had updated so i can visit them

    and ur blog gave me the same error

    i was wondering what happend

    and menaga where do we export the blog
    there had been some online sites which keeps back up bt none work for me

    this scares me too

    coming to lassi

    this was very innovative
    i hv these ingredients wud try it for me

  11. Good you got it back Hema. Lassi looks wonderful.

  12. yum..yum..the lassi looks so tempting! gonna make me a glass tomorrow.

  13. Sounds delicious! unfortunately such syrup is not available in Poland, at least not in grocery's stores...

  14. Very nice this drink. Looks very inviting.
    I think we need to back up everything. What happened to you is not uncommon and the thought of losing your blog is devastating! So much work goes into it!

  15. glad that your blog is back... thanks for sharing... i had no idea that something like this happens... but how do i backup my blog? any suggestions..

    Coming to the recipe, rose lassi looks simple and delicious... beautiful colour....

  16. Such a lovely colour....very tempting!

  17. looks so healthy & delicious...mouthwatering!

  18. yummy n attractive drink....

    Glad that u got your blog back...

  19. hema i had the same scare just some mins bck

    my gmail and my blog both disabled and i got totally scared

    i cud barely recall to put in help forum

    i did tht
    i didnt get reply but yes my mail and blog both were restored after frantic 40mins

    this is damn scary after all our hard work and time gone and this happens

  20. Good recipe for fussy chilldren too