Rice Varieties

          When we are bored of making the same rice, sambar or dal, we can try out these briyanis, pilafs and mixed rice varieties. This is a simple compilation of all the rice dishes that's available in the blog. To give a general idea about the difference between pilafs, briyanis and mixed rice, in pilafs and briyanis, the rice is cooked along with the vegetable and spices and a briyani is slightly spicier than pilafs and for mixed rice, the rice is cooked separately and then the vegetable masala is mixed with it. Just click on the pictures to go to the recipe..

Okra (Bhindi,Vendakkai) Fried Rice Mango & Peas Rice, Mangai Pattani Sadam Brinjal (Eggplant,Kathrikkai,Baingan) Rice Parsley Pilaf Spinach & Kidney Beans Rice

Bisi Bele Bhath Methi Masoor Briyani Mushroom & Peas Briyani Mustard Greens Rice Brinjal/Eggplant Rice

Cabbage Rice Beets & Soy Briyani Tri Color Capsicum Rice Chana Chickpeas & Mint Pilaf Black Beans & Basil Rice

Ridge Gourd & Peanut Rice Coriander Rice Lemon Rice Baby Corn & Peas Rice Tomato Rice,Thakkali Sadam

Keerai Sadam,Spinach Rice Methi Pilaf,Fenugreek Leaves Pilaf Carrot Rice Mushroom,Baby Corn & Basil Risotto Zucchini Rice

Potato & Capsicum Rice Cabbage Briyani,Muttakos Briyani Nellikkai/Amla/Gooseberry Rice Cumin Rice,Jeera Rice Mint & Potato Rice

Cucumber Masala Bhath Vegetable Fried Rice Beetroot Rice Quick Bisi Bele Bhath Green Peas Rice

Semiya Bagalabhath,Thayir Semiya Chitranna,Karnataka Lemon Rice Basil Pesto & Zucchini Rice Mushroom & Basil Rice Maa Inji Sadam,Mango Ginger Rice

Puli Sadam,Tamarind Rice Double Beans & Mint Pilaf Mushroom & Cabbage Pulao Tomato Rice With Coconut Milk Banana Flower & Purple Cabbage Rice

Coriander Chana/Chickpeas Rice Thengai Sadam,Coconut Rice

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