Friday, April 28, 2017

Quinoa Dosa (Crepes)

          Today's post is going to be another healthy and delicious dosa with quinoa and brown rice. The most common way in which I include quinoa in our diet, is adding a little to the regular rice that I cook for lunch. Now this Quinoa Dosa has become another regular in my kitchen. The dosa comes out very good, it has the perfect texture, perfect color and also tastes really awesome with any chutney of your choice..
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Friday, April 21, 2017

Ragi Aval Puttu, Finger Millet Flakes Puttu ( Sweet Breakfast Dish )

          We all know that millets have become very popular now, we get them in many forms, whole millets, flakes, semiya, noodles, flour and semolina too. Till recently, I was cooking millet flakes just like regular rice poha, soaking them and then cooking them covered. Then I saw on a show, they just rinse the millet flakes and then steam them. This method seems to be more suitable for millet flakes. Today's post is Ragi Aval/ Finger Millet Flakes Puttu, it's a sweet dish served for breakfast. It came out really good, soft and tasted absolutely delicious..
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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Methi & Carrot Chutney, Fenugreek Leaves & Carrot Chutney, Vendiya Keerai Carrot Thogayal

          I get three types of organic greens, spinach, methi and amaranth every week and sometimes the methi leaves bunch turns out to be a really big one. After making the usual stuff with them, I had some more and I was looking out for something new to try with it. I looked up for some chutney recipes with fenugreek leaves and finally decided to make this one with methi/vendiya keerai and carrots. This chutney has a coarse texture and tastes best when mixed with some rice and ghee. This is the first time I made this and we loved it, it goes well with some curd rice too..
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Monday, April 17, 2017

Mushroom Briyani

          Mushroom Briyani, jotted the recipe down from a cookery show by Mallika Badrinath and I have been making this for so many years now. It's an easy dish and the mushrooms give a nice flavor to this briyani. We don't add any ghee in this briyani, so it's vegan too, the method is slightly different from the regular briyani and it tastes awesome. Serve it with some potato chips and raitha or curd for a delicious meal..
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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Palak Aloo Parathas, Spinach Potato Parathas

          I have already posted spinach parathas and aloo/ potato parathas and this time, it's a  combination of both, Spinach Potato Parathas. Usually I would have added some mashed spinach and potato along with other spices directly to the flour while making the dough, but this time, I made the dough with the spinach puree and used the potato mixture as the stuffing. The parathas turned out really soft and delicious and we loved the combo of spinach and potatoes, serve them with a pickle or a chutney and some curd on the side..
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Monday, April 3, 2017

Nungu Payasam, Palm Fruit Kheer, Ice Apple Payasam

          Last week I had bought this Palm Fruit, known as nungu in Tamil and also as Ice Apple. While waiting for the guy to remove them from the shell, I was talking to him, he asked me whether I needed the small tender ones or the thick matured ones. We like the tender ones at home, but then I asked the guy, whether someone asked for the matured ones. I was surprised to hear when he told that people actually asked for them and the guy didn't stop there, he also told me about this Payasam/ Kheer that they made with it. After coming home, I made this payasam, this is one of the most easy and delicious payasam that I had ever made..
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