Monday, May 25, 2015

Date And Cocoa Truffles - Guest Post

           Who doesn't like a sweet or dessert that doesn't need any cooking and at the same time, healthy too, well when I saw these cocoa and date truffles here, I simply wanted to try it out right away. They just need a couple of ingredients, some good quality dates and cocoa powder, no added sugar, the sweetness from the dates is more than enough. Mix them both and roll it in more cocoa powder or as I did, with some chocolate vermicelli..

          This is a guest post for Usha who blogs at Mahaslovelyhome, she is a very sincere blogger and a very straightforward person, thanks Usha for letting me share a post in your lovely space. Check out here for the complete post with stepwise pictures..

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  1. that`s sweet guest post dear hema..Thank you so much for spending time to write a post fr MLH...Keep blogging and stay healthy..:)

  2. These chocolate truffles look so very tempting!

  3. lovely guest post,chocolaty n yummy!!

  4. Lovely guest post and the truffles look yummy..