Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Soft And Spongy Set Dosas ( Pancakes, Crepes )

          Set Dosas, these are not crispy and thin like the regular dosas/crepes, these are soft and spongy like pancakes, but unlike pancakes, these dosas are made with rice and urad dal batter. Also, I have used two varieties of rice, both raw and par boiled and rice flakes or aval along with the dal/lentils and fenugreek seeds. The dosas were super soft and really like a sponge, that makes it a perfect combination with vada curry ( my next post ), just soaks in the curry, but I am sure these dosas will taste equally good with chutneys and sambars too..

Need To Have

  • Idli Rice/ Par Boiled Rice - 2 cups
  • Raw Rice - 2 cups
  • Red Rice Flakes/Sigappu Aval - 1/2 cup
  • Whole Urad Dal/ Husked Whole Green Gram - 1 cup
  • Fenugreek Seeds - 2 teaspoons


           Wash and soak both the rice together, the urad dal along with the fenugreek seeds, for at least 4 hours or overnight. Just 30 minutes before grinding, soak the rice flakes/aval.

          Grind the rice and aval together, remove, then grind the urad dal and fenugreek seeds, remove and add it to the rice batter, add 4 teaspoons salt and mix it well with your hand. Cover and leave the batter to ferment for about 8 to 12 hours ( the time depends upon how warm the place is ).

          When the batter has fermented well, heat a skillet, grease the pan, add a laddle of batter, don't spread it too much, drizzle some oil around the edges, cover and cook. When you see the top has set and the bottom turning golden, flip it and cook the other side, till it gets a couple of spots ( should not turn brown like the first side ), remove and serve it warm with vada curry and coconut chutney.

Idli rice is the best, it's available in Indian stores.
I use the wet grinder for grinding, the rice into a smooth/ but not too smooth batter, and I grind the urad dal for about 25 minutes.
When you pour the batter on the skillet, you'll see small bubbles breaking on the dosa, this shows that the batter has fermented well and the skillet is also at the correct temperature.
I'll grind the batter in a regular blender and then update here about the quantity of urad dal used, will be a little more.
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  1. wow Hema, those rice bean pancakes look to die for!!! Now I am getting HUNGRY.

  2. So soft dosas,pass me a plate ,will try

  3. These dosas look yum! And the mentioned of your vada curry has definitely tingled my interest, will watch out for your next post!

  4. Hema i d give anything to someone who can make me set dosas. Do you happen to have a recipe for vegetable saagu? If you do, please share

    1. Thanks Anusha, I do have a recipe for vegetable saagu, will share it soon..

  5. Yummy dosa's which my DH always prefers!!

  6. wow,looks perfect and tempting,Hema :)

  7. really soft dosas. looks very nice..

  8. too good,u have n't ,mentioned how much to use dal

    1. Thank u Babitha for pointing it out, it's 1 cup and I have updated..