Friday, July 13, 2012

Phulkas (Rotis)

          Phulkas or rotis or Indian puffed bread is a simple, day to day dish in many Indian households. Thought I should have a post of it in my blog for many reasons, one being that, it's a dish that I mention in most of my posts, as it goes with all the curries. I had had a tough time making them in my early days of marriage, but now I can say that, I can make very decent soft phulkas. It's actually pretty simple once you learn the technique, all depends on the texture of the dough, how you roll it out and the rest is easy..

Need To Have

  • Whole Wheat Flour - 2 cups
  • Salt - 1/4 teaspoon or less
  • Water

          Mix the salt with the flour and then add the water little by little, mix to make a dough that is not too tough or very sticky. If it is very hard then you won't get soft rotis, again if it is very sticky, then you'll need more flour to roll it out and it'll make the rotis harder. Roll it out into thin discs, using as little dry flour as possible. Next is what I call the 1-2-3 steps. Heat a flat pan or skillet, place one disc on it, cook for less than a minute, till one or two light spots appear at the bottom, this is the first step, then flip it over and cook on the other side till nice brown spots appear, this is the second step. Now, for the third step, traditionally they do it directly on the flame, but this works only for people with gas stoves. For the others you can use the same flat pan that you we used in the first steps, or there are these special phulka pans ( you can see that in the picture) which can be used. Whatever we use, we do it the same way, place the less spotted side on the pan or on the flame, it'll fluff up nicely within seconds, if using the flat pan we need to press the rotis gently with a tissue or cloth. Remove and serve it warm as such or smearing some ghee with any side dish of your choice.

Even if you have a gas stove, it'll take some time for you to get used making them directly on the flame, we can still do it with the special phulka pan or the regular skillet for the last step. 
You'll get about 10 rotis for the amount of flour given.

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  1. Nicely puffed up Hema! where did you get that wire mesh pan?!

  2. BTW, the rose on the side is so pretty! :)

  3. wow...looking perfect and fluffy :)

  4. Neatly presented roti..looks so fluffy and soft !

  5. Well puffed up rotis...i too like those pretty yellowish pink roses :)
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  6. Hi Hema ,

    Phulkas inviting me !!!

    Looks nice Hema :))

    Keep on Dear...

  7. well puffed soft ones,Hema.. I too do the same way,you can also use a wooden spoon or cloth or potato masher to get the same puffed ones!!
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  8. beautiful presentation... phulkas look perfect...

  9. Looks lovely, delicious with some curries!

  10. my neighbour used to do it this way. one two and third step direct on flame and get phulkas like tht

    i cudnt perfect that art

  11. Perfect phulkas!!

  12. Simple,but it's not that easy to get like that..Nice Hema !

  13. hema i can eat phulkas as many as 10 at a time.. i m that crazy about them.. and just looking at these i want to have some right away

  14. Love having this phulkas anytime of the day,simply love it.

  15. Indian breads are fascinating. I've made chapatis before but never with whole wheat flour. The phulkas look so good, I'll try to make them soon. Thank you for showing how to.