Thursday, January 19, 2017

Mint Almond Pesto

          I had brought this huge bunch of mint leaves, I made a chutney with some of it, added some while making a rice dish, but still was left with more leaves and then I remembered this pesto. I usually make the classic Basil Pesto and I have also tried the pesto with Sun Dried Tomatoes, this is the first time I tried this Mint Almond Pesto. I have used almonds in the place of pine nuts and have added some garlic and lemon zest for flavor. The pesto came out perfectly and had a nice mint flavor and we can have this mixed with pasta or spread it on a piece of bread. top it with some cheese and tomatoes, grill and enjoy..
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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Jowar Aloo Paratha, Jowar Potato Paratha

          After a weekend of rich festival food, I am going to start of this week with a healthy paratha, Jowar Aloo Paratha. There's already an Aloo Paratha using wheat flour on the blog, but today's paratha is gluten free since we are using jowar/sorghum flavor for making them. Jowar flour dough is difficult to roll out, so stuffing them with the potato mixture and rolling out would become messy, so I have mixed in the potatoes with the dough and then made the parathas. The parathas turned out soft and delicious, serve them with some curd/raitha and pickle for a filling and healthy meal..
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Friday, January 13, 2017

Fresh Green Chana & Paneer Curry, Choliya Paneer

          Winter is when we get fresh green peas, avarekalu, fresh green chana/choliya, red carrots in India and I love all of these vegetables. Fresh chana/chickpeas is not available as easily as the other ones, so when I see some, I buy them immediately. Last week I bought some and instead of doing the regular curry with it, I browsed and noted down a few recipes to try out with it and first in line is this Choliya Paneer, a simple and delicious curry with green chana and paneer. The curry turned out super good and tasted excellent with rotis and I am sure that it would go well as a side with pilafs and other rice dishes, do try this curry when you find some fresh green chana in the market..
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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Akkaravadisal (Akkara Adisal), Sweet Milk Pongal

          Akkaravadisal, I have come across this name so many times, but never got to taste it and when going through the recipe for it, I found it to be similar to Sakkarai Pongal, but with a slight variation. It's a Tamil Iyengar recipe and it's made as a 'naivedyam' especially on Koodaravalli which is an auspicious day observed on the 27th day of the Tamil month Margazhi . This year it happens to fall on today and also, Pongal being just around the corner, I thought of making and posting it today. Taste wise, it is more like Sakkarai Pongal, but with a milky flavor, since we cook the rice in lots of milk and ghee. Since it's a rich dish with lots of milk and ghee, have a small serving and enjoy..
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