Monday, February 20, 2017

Methi Muthiya, Wheat Flour & Fenugreek Leaves Dumplings

          Every week I get a bunch of fresh methi ( fenugreek leaves, vendaya keerai ) bunch and sometimes the bunch turns out to be slightly bigger. After having used half of a big bunch for sambar or kootu, I was left with a little more leaves, which I decided to use for making these Methi Muthiya. This is again another healthy and filling Gujarati snack, I have already posted Khandvi and Dhokla and now these Methi Muthiyas join the healthy snack list. As the name suggests, we use methi leaves along with whole wheat flour and besan flour to make them and there are two ways of making them, deep fried version and the steamed version. Today's post is the steamed Methi Muthiyas, and they can be eaten as such or with some spicy chutney or sauce..
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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Potato Curry In A Peanut-Curd Gravy

          Today's dish is going to be another simple and delicious dish with potatoes, Potato Curry In A Peanut-Curd Gravy. I have made curries with a curd/yogurt base, but I liked the addition of coarsely pounded peanuts in the curry. While making the curry, I was thinking that this would also taste somewhat similar to the other curd based curries, but it tasted very different and delicious, might be because of the peanuts. The curry would go very well with rotis, naans or even with a pilaf..
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Monday, February 13, 2017

Green Peas Dosa, Pattani Dosai

          Will I ever get tired of eating idlis and dosas, never, and I am always ready to try a new one. Today's dish is yet another dosa, Green Peas Dosa or Pattani Dosa and what better time to make them, than now, when fresh green peas are still in season. I have already posted Moong Dal Dosa, Pesarattu and this Peas Dosa is a slight variation of the pesarattu. This is a very healthy dosa, rich in protein and also, we can make them immediately after making the batter as there is no need for fermentation. If fresh green peas are not available, we can make them with frozen peas too, so make and serve it with some spicy chutney..
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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Manathakkali Kai Masiyal, Mashed Black Nightshade Berries Curry

          Manathakkali/Black Nightshade, till now I have cooked with only the keerai/greens, of course a few berries would be there with the greens, but this is the first time, I have made a dish with the berries alone. These berries are green when raw and turn blackish purple when they ripen, for today's dish we are using the raw green berries. Whenever we go to Chennai, I always remember to buy sundakkai ( turkey berries ) and fresh green peppercorns as I don't find them in Bangalore. This time, my husband had bought these manathakkali kai, mistaking these berries for the green peppercorns. Since I had never cooked these berries, I had to call my co-sister for a recipe and she asked me to do this masiyal with it. Since these berries have a bitter taste, I was not sure about this dish till I tasted it and, to my surprise, the curry tasted so good, didn't have the bitter taste at all. I am not going to say anything about the health benefits of these berries ( there's a lot of information on the net ), but do try out this masiyal, the next time you get these berries. Serve the Manathakkali Kai Masiyal with plain rice along with a vegetable curry and papads for a simple and delicious meal..
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