Thursday, August 25, 2016

Mangalore Cucumber Seeds Saaru ( Rasam )

          When I posted Mangalore Cucumber Palya/Stir-Fry, I had told that I had saved the seeds for doing another dish called Saaru. Saaru is basically similar to the Tamil Rasam with a very thin soup like consistency. In Karnataka, they make Saaru out of cooked dal/lentil water, greens like spinach and like this one using the seeds of the Cucumber. Mangalore cucumber is the yellow or orange colored cucumbers, usually shaped as shown in the picture. When eaten raw, they don't taste like the regular cucumber but they taste very good in curries. I had adapted the recipe from here and they had used Udupi Rasam Powder to spice up the Saaru, since I didn't have it with me, I checked the ingredients for it and used them in this recipe. Also I added a cup of cooked lobia/karamani/black eyed peas to the saaru at the end, this way I thought I can add some protein. Since I added just one cup, it didn't change the taste or consistency of the Saaru. It went well with white rice and the Mangalore Cucumber Palya that I made that day. Next time, you see this orange/yellow Cucumber in the market, do buy and try out the Palya and this Saaru..
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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Eggless Blueberry Muffins

          I had this big packet of dried blueberries that I wanted to finish before the expiry date and I was looking for some simple recipes where I can use it apart from eating it as such. These blueberry muffins fitted the bill perfectly, it's a simple recipe which can be put together and baked in under 30 minutes. I have used a mixture of whole wheat flour and all purpose flour and chia seeds in the place of eggs, the muffins turned out really good and they are perfect for breakfast or as a tea-time snack..
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Monday, August 22, 2016

Ela Ada With Chakka Varatti, Steamed Rice Parcels With Jackfruit Preserve

          After making Chakka Varatti/Jackfruit Preserve, I was waiting to try out Ela Ada, when I say waiting, I really mean it because where I stay in Bangalore, I don't easily get banana leaves, except might be on festival days. I had to tell the flower lady to get me some and then I finally got after a week. Though we can use just coconut and jaggery filling, I wanted to make the Ela Ada with Chakka Varatti. Once you have the Chakka Varatti ready, then making these Ela Adas is not a big task. We can even use parchment paper for making these adas, but the banana leaf gives a unique flavor to the dish. The finished dish tasted awesome, close in taste to kozhukattais and my family loved it..
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Friday, August 19, 2016

Lauki Thepla, Bottle Gourd Flat Breads, Sorakkai Thepla

          Lauki is one vegetable that I buy every week or at least once in 10 days. This is another very versatile vegetable, we can use for making curries, soup, sambar, dals, halwas, idlis, dosas and now these theplas and each of the above mentioned dishes taste very good with this vegetable. Now I don't know the difference between theplas and parathas, I read it on some blogs, that parathas are thicker than theplas and usually parathas have stuffed filling, whereas, we mix the vegetables along with flour for theplas. We can make theplas with many vegetables like lauki/bottle gourd, methi, spinach and they go well with any mild dal or even with some pickle and curd..
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