Friday, May 6, 2016

Banana Raitha, Vazhaipazha Thayir PAchadi

          Till now, whenever there was excess of bananas or overripe bananas, my only go to dish was the banana walnut bread, but now, I found this Banana Raitha/ Vazhaipazha Thayir Pachadi. This is such an easy recipe, needs just minutes to put together, but it tastes so good, even my daughter who is not a big fan of bananas likes this and it's healthy too. You can serve it as a side to any meal, either a typical south Indian one with rice, sambar and curry or with briyanis or even with rotis. I can even have this as a dessert after a meal and it's so cooling and delicious in this hot weather now..
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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Palak Parathas, Spinach Parathas ( Flat Breads) Recipe

          Today's dish is another easy and delicious paratha, Palak Paratha or Spinach/Keerai Paratha. There are 2 ways of doing parathas, one is mixing the stuffing ( in this case, palak ) with the flour itself and in the other method, we stuff the filling into the dough and then roll out the parathas. Obviously, the second one consumes more time and needs some skills. For today's Palak Parathas, we are going to mix some spinach puree and spices with the flour itself, this not only gives the parathas a bright green color, it makes them very soft. Serve them with some dal or curry or even with some pickle and curd, either way they taste delicious..
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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Idli Milagai Podi, Chutney Powder

          Idli Milagai Podi or Chutney Powder, something that's always there in stock in most South Indian homes and which comes in handy on those days, when you don't have time to make a side dish for idlis and dosas. Also, when packing idlis or dosas for lunch, they taste better when we spread them with some idli podi mixed with sesame oil. For some of us, in fact, it's the favorite side dish for idlis and dosas. I like to make small batches so that it'll be done before it loses the flavor. It's actually another easy recipe, just roasting some ingredients and powdering them. Well, each family have their own version of it and this is how I make it..
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Monday, May 2, 2016

Puttu Recipe, How To Make Kerala Style Puttu

          Making Kerala Style Puttu, using a 'puttu maker' has been on my do list for a long time. My mother prepares very soft Puttu with homemade rice flour, but she uses only the idli moulds to do it and we usually eat it mixed with some jaggery and coconut. Only at restaurants, I have eaten the Kerala style Puttu ( in cylindrical shape ) and Kadala Curry. I haven't yet tried making the puttu flour ( processed rice flour )at home, finding a flour mill, near where I stay is a problem, so for today's puttu, I have used only store bought Puttu Flour made with red rice. Once you have the puttu flour and the puttu maker ready, it hardly takes 20 minutes to make soft Puttu. My family loves it with Kadala Curry, but you can have it with bananas ( mashed into the puttu ) and pappads ( I have eaten with bananas, yet to try with the pappads) or simply with some jaggery and coconut..
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