Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Microwave Dulce De Leche

          Dulce De Leche, I love this flavor in ice creams, very rich and delicious and for a long time now, I had wanted to make it at home. Traditionally, it's made by cooking milk and sugar for a long time, but the short cut method is using condensed milk. There are a number of ways of preparing dulce de leche from condensed milk, the pressure cooker method, stove-top method, regular oven and the microwave oven. I didn't want to try the pressure cooker method, where we have to cook the can, immersed completely in water with a small hole on the lid, I was a little scared of the can bursting. Of all the above methods, I found the one using the microwave, to be much easier. After cooling, dulce de leche can be refrigerated and used in making ice creams, cakes, as a frosting on cakes and of course you can't resist yourself from having it as such too..

Need To Have

  • Condensed Milk ( Milkmaid ) Can - 1


          Take the condensed milk in a deep microwave safe bowl and heat it in the microwave at 50% power level for 5 minutes, stirring well once, halfway through.

          Then further reduce the power level to 30% and microwave for another 15 to 20 minutes, depending on what consistency you want the dulce de leche. Every 2 to 3 minutes, don't forget to stir it well using a hand beater, that's it, your delicious dulce de leche is ready.

Depending on your microwave, the cooking time can vary a little, always make sure, you keep the microwave power level, such that, the condensed milk doesn't boil over.
Also the dulce de leche becomes more thicker as it cools down.
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