Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Coconut And Condensed Milk Ladoos

          Coconut Ladoos with Condensed Milk, this is one of the easiest desserts that one can make, yet tastes so delicious. It can be put together in under 10 minutes, if you had all the ingredients, well to say it more accurately, just 2 ingredients, coconut and condensed milk and the process, if you can call it one, is so very simple..

Need To Have

  • Condensed Milk - 1/4 cup
  • Grated Fresh Coconut - 11/2 cup


          Take the coconut in a heavy bottomed pan and toast on medium heat for 4 to 5 minutes till you see that it is dry and turns from white to a light yellow,creamy color, remove. To the same pan add the condensed milk and 1 cup of the coconut, reserving the rest for the last step and mix them well.

          Keep mixing for 3 to 5 minutes, till it comes together like a ball. Switch off, cool it slightly, grease your hand with a little ghee and make the ladoos ( balls ), rolling it between your palms. Roll the ladoos in the reserved coconut till some of it sticks to the ladoos, remove and enjoy.

I have used fresh coconut, you can use desiccated coconut, in that case skip the step of toasting the coconut.
I have not added any additional flavor, I like the flavor of the coconut and condensed milk, if you want you can add some powdered cardamom.
I got 9 small lemon sized ladoos from the above measurements.
The 400gm condensed milk contains approximately 11/4 cups of condensed milk, if you're using the whole can, add about 5 cups of coconut.
Pulse once or twice in a blender, the reserved coconut for the last step, so you'll get an even sized mixture to roll the ladoos with, but don't make it into a fine powder.
You can have the refrigerated ladoos, as such, or bring it to room temperature.
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